Mindmap as outline

Next week I’ll give a talk to first year students Communications and Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool Utrecht. I’ve decided to use this mindmap as the place to present from instead of using slides. The mindmap serves as a rough timeline of my activities and contains links to files and folders on my laptop. Where appropriate I can follow those and open additional PDFs, images and whatnot.

This is another example of how a mindmap helps me establish structure and content of a talk in parallel. (previously: this one) From the same view I can add detail by adding notes on any one of the items in the map. I really like how this lets me zoom in and work on the actual contents, then zoom out again to tweak the overall flow of things.

I learned this from Elliott Earls. He just posted a new episode Alpha designer, Beta designer. You can see there how he used a mindmap to plot his argument before recording and progressively shows and expands it in the video itself. His Studio Practice videos come highly recommended.