Falco Subbuteo

Spotted a couple Eurasian hobbies over the last couple of days. Small falcons that catch and eat insects in flight. All just on my regular walk.

These weeknotes are turning into lists of things I wanted to look into, instead of things actually done, read, looked into. To fix: not rely on bookmarks alone but consult daily notes from my own practice as well. Keep writing those daily notes.


Concept mapping

The connection between Maps and Cynefin is Max Boisot’s I-Space. Says @swardley. See also. Knowledge assets moved to top of the reading stack. Long live boekwinkeltjes.nl.

A pithy critique of one-size-fits-all solutioning in The Usual Suspects (Operating Model anti-patterns) by Adrew Blain. For example, on customer journeys:

Customer Journeys are great focal point in some contexts. However, it is also entirely appropriate for some parts of your organisation to be organised around business processes, platforms, capabilities, value streams or objectives.

Content architecture

So very spot on by @TatianaTMac. Paraphrased:

“Content modeling for content management systems combines figuring out how to do something both resiliently and flexibly, balancing the human tendency to break rules”.

The Training Is Coming From Inside the CMS is an interesting look at how to surface what kind of help text and guidance was needed, and where to put it in context of the actual tool.
via @storyneedle

Here’s @hiredthought making sure he doesn’t have to start from a blank page.

Visual research & printmaking

I never got the hang of email lists, but here’s a public listserv to support interdisciplinary research into matrices/printing surfaces (eg cut woodblocks, etched and engraved metal plates, litho stones).

_ Currently reading: Reading Images. In our increasingly Western visual culture, visual literacy is an important skill but underrepresented in education, if at all. The authors propose an analytical framework for reading images. Quite heavy on the academic jargon and long-running sentences, but so far, worth it.


Linked Riddim Warfare by DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid last time, and returned to it a couple times more. Holds up well. _ Mono, but still looking for their debut album Under the Pipal Tree that is not amazon or apple music.