Work at a different speed

While on vacation on the island of Schiermonnikoog I made some drawings of sheep lying around the bike path. On this first sheet, I’m carefully feeling my way around their shape and form:

Three pencil sketches of sheep, lying on the ground.

I got a bit impatient about all that and the oblique strategy that says to work at a different speed came to mind.

So on this next sheet, I worked quite a bit faster. Too fast even on the first try that I crossed out. (I’m left handed, so working from right to left will give less smudging). Second try is the small one on top. Better already but still with a few hesitations here and there . Then the third, largest one.

Three sketches of sheep, one crossed out.

I had to slow down there at the end to get the eye and nose right, but overall quite a confident little drawing.