While on vacation on the island of Schiermonnikoog I made some drawings of sheep lying around the bike path. On this first sheet, I'm carefully feeling my way around their shape and form:

Three pencil sketches of sheep, lying on the ground.

I got a bit impatient about all that and the oblique strategy that says to work at a different speed came to mind.

So on this next sheet, I worked quite a bit faster. Too fast even on the first try that I crossed out. (I'm left handed, so working from right to left will give less smudging). Second try is the small one on top. Better already but still with a few hesitations here and there . Then the third, largest one. I had to slow down there at the end to get the eye and nose right, but overall quite a confident little drawing.

Three sketch of sheep, one crossed out.

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Small pencil drawing in landscape orientation of a view over heath, with some trees on both sides in the middle distance and far away a vague suggestion of a line of trees spanning the full width of the image. Westerheide

Small pencil drawing in landscape orientation of, indeed, a landscape with trees on the left. Zuiderheide

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A collection of quick black brush pen sketches of young people playing table tennis.

Was the driver of duty for an away game of our son's team last weekend. Produced these very quick drawings watching the games. The players really don't stand still for long! Best opportunity is when the player is about to receive serve.

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Thumbnails van monoprints, etsen, tekeningen en computer graphics uit juni 2012.

Prenten en tekeningen van zo'n tien jaar geleden op een tumblr account waar ik geen toegang meer toe heb.

(situatie-)tekenen is zoooo fijn en belangrijk maar schiet er ook zo makkelijk bij in.

Dochter T., vier jaar oud.

Drie losse schetsen van een jong kind, iemand die drinkt en iemand lopend met hand in jaszak.

Ouder en kind op de rug gezien, ze staan hand in hand en kijken uit over de zee

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Compilatie van aantekeningen.

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Remixing images from a Hildegard von Bingen manuscript.

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