Music 2021

Bríi – Sem proposito. Blending black metal with Klaus Schulze, win-win. Disparaître – Urchig. Great winter atmosphere. If the last Paysage d'Hiver was too simplistic for your taste, check this one. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim. Yes too long and flawed but heartfelt and adventurous. Esoctrilihum – Dy'th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath. Unique world building continues. Mānbryne – Heilsweg: O udręce ciała i tułaczce duszy.

Only just found out about new Arkhtinn and Voidsphere releases, I love 20+ minute repetitive jangling riff noise stuff.

Otherwise, started listening to drum and bass again through finding the very fun 'drum and bass on the bike' on youtube. T>I, Currency Audio, Hoavi, but mostly older works by Ed Rush and Dom & Roland.

And finally, learned about Hymn of the Cherubim by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky last year. Ethereal, transcedental, beautiful.


Roy Scholten