About concept models

One of the most interesting and helpful types of diagram is the concept model. Concept models are a visual explanation of the parts and connections within some complicated thing. In these parts, that thing is often a software application.

Besides communicating the big picture, creating a concept model is an exercise in aligning the user’s mental model (how they think it works) with the technical model (how it works behind the scenes).

The “OOUX” term on the note above refers to OOUX.com, a UX design method that I think applies this way of thinking to the work of designing for digital products and services. Need to look into it more.

It’s about designing what to design

Designing what to design” gets to the core of why making a concept model is useful: by establishing the constituent parts and their relations you’ll also clarify all the things that are not going to part of the thing (for now).

Some links to articles and videos exploring this particular type of diagram more in depth:

And here’s the one I did for the Drupal Views module