Schiermonnikoog 2024

A week on vacation on Schiermonnikoog, one of the Dutch Wadden islands. N. had rented a small house in the center of the one village on the island, right next to the bakery. Very good.

Schiermonnikoog is a small island, but its beaches are among the widest in Europe. Tourist season had not started yet, so during our first long walk we soon were the only ones there. Amazing views, very special.

charcoal drawing of a view on dunes with dunes and sea in the background and clouds in the sky.

We brought some of our art materials for drawing outside. (Last year I drew some sheep while there.) I wanted to try my hand at charcoal because it had been a long time I used it and it lends itself to making larger size drawings. These are roughly 50 by 60 cm.

A view on some tries, grasses, shrubs.

This was the first vacation where it was just the two of us, without son and daughter. Not bad. Not bad at all.

charcoal drawing of a path leading down onto a field with dunes in the background and cloudy skies.