When is a content type?

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The most obvious reason to create separate content types is because different content structure, different fields.

Other reasons to define a separate content type can go beyond differences in the needed field structure:

Yes, there are other tools available to achieve the above (i.e. taxonomy, roles, groups in Drupal parlance), but at a certain point, the maintenace and complexity cost of DRY (don't repeat yourself) can become too high.

The definition of the function of a content type is a wider consideration than its functional-structural definition on field level alone.

(I suspect there's an analogy to be made here with object oriented code. Not all giraffes, kangaroos, wolves, mice, cows, lemurs should be instances of the same mammal class?)

An example of “all in one”: in one case we pushed really hard on gathering wildly variable service-related content into a single content type for:

At the same time we created different versions of a training because even if most fields were shared, which ones were required varied greatly. No meaningful (predictable) shared set of what we could assume to be available. Hard to create view modes for that.

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