Tome, containerized?

I’m using tome for two sites because I’m very lazy and should not be trusted with running databases and real live Drupals in production. Security updates are a hassle for this designerd so they tend not to happen soon enough. Which is less of a problem when that insecure site is only sometimes running locally on just my laptop.

So, yay for Tome, which lets me keep using Drupal for its powerful content modeling and clicky tools for site building. Then export to flat html and upload that as the live site.

Even between content updates months may pass. Which introduces other types of insecurites:

  1. Do I still know how to run, update, export the thing?
  2. In the mean time, did I not break something in the required tooling?

Point 1 is fixed by keeping notes with my own step by step how-to instructions based on the tome documentation.

Point 2 though is more tricky. For as much as possible I keep using the MAMP Pro application to keep the basic LAMPP stack up and running. Sometimes that clashes with some of the commands that want to run their own webserver, but I can work around that.

Composer, Drush, Git, Tome itself are tools that are primarily operated through the command line. I’ve become accustomed to (I'm not scared anymore of) using basic commands to make simple things work. But that doesn’t mean I actually know what’s happening. So when for example Drush throws error because database not found, I have very little knowledge on how to fix. It’s tricky business trying out possible solutions found on stackexchange and the like. I can’t always tell how applicable a proposed fix is to my specific situation and it may even further break things?

I guess my main worry is that running Tome and it’s underlying tools directly on my laptop potentially makes things brittle.

I think that’s where things like Docker come in? So that, among other things, a working version of all the required tooling is bundled up and kept somewhat immune from changes outside it’s container?

Yet more terminal commands to explore!

#drupal #tome

— A post by Roy Scholten