Calligraphy, printing things from the web & digital self-care

Much of the week involved finishing up my part of a new (art) zine exhibition @gahilversum. Keep an eye on that instagram account. As part of that I'm experimenting with calligraphy (again). Medieval Calligraphy by Marc Drogin is the go to for the how to. I find a certain style of decoration fascinating, in which the versals (decorated capital letters) get these very long and thin lines extending along the margins of the text block (example). My own initial explorations of this are in Calligraphic Space Ⅲ.

_ Titivillus is the patron demon of scribes, more images here. Ancestor to the printers “zetduiveltje” (“set devil”, as in type setting) for sure.

_ In my Bildung zine I used a selection of blog posts made here. Because I remember things, that made me think back to Things our friends have written on the internet. Yay for people keeping up their blogs.

_ I've linked to switching.software before. Here's Kira McLean sharing her choices in moving away from google. (via) I'm not using gmail, but ProtonMail looks good regardless. I'm already happily using Nextcloud through thegood.cloud.

_ “naming your files and figuring out your digital organizational structure is self-care” – @johngold. One of the replies calls for “more binder clip hacks”. I’ve been using my own version of a hipster PDA the last few weeks. Mostly because I promised myself to never try, let alone pay for, an online task manager ever again.

_ This makes me want to play around with the cliché's in our collection. (can't find what the English word is for the metal plates that contain engraved illustrations for letterpress, in Dutch they're called cliché's)

_ Sounds: Madlib doesn't have a mobile phone. Sound ancestors made in collaboration with the also brilliant Kieren Hebden, a.k.a. Four Tet. Linked before, but now really listening a lot to Spirit world field guide by Aesop Rock.

_ #weeknotes 2021-04

— A post by Roy Scholten