The Theory and Application of Diagrams

Congrats to Sue Borchardt for becoming the first cynefin artist in residence. She asks this question which I think is an important one:

“If a space for creative experimentation existed right now in your workplace, how might today be different for you?”

This hits exactly on the reason we started

— I've been reposting the work-so-far of my 50 birds project to my instagram account. Scheduling with Hootsuite works well. I just lined up the last ones for this week. Hope to finish at least one more this year to hit 30 completed prints, each in an edition of 20, so that's 600 prints done. Only 400 left to go!

— On why hand drawn diagrams, as part of this thread. There will even be a conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams in 2021*.

I miss working and thinking and drawing through things with my team on my big whiteboard.

— Austin Kleon has a good post on (variations on) morning pages. Earlier this year I stopped a 100+ days streak of writing three pages long hand each morning. Going to get back to that.

Morning Pages is another tactic for getting out of your own way

— I write my morning pages with Eno's “Neroli” on. Another ambient-ish album that got back into rotation is Wandelaar by Haron

#weeknotes 2020-50

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