The eloquent type

Started following @typographica on the twitter this week. Started looking at some of the serif fonts reviewed there. Brabo looks very nice*. Equity has been my workhorse serif so far. Brabo would make a good addition, a bit roomier and with more flair. Pensum is nice too, but I can't get past that lowercase e. __

Somehow really glad about the happy ending of the Queens Gambit, which we watched with the whole family. __

More beautiful ink drawings of animals, like that bear previously. Qi Baishi apparently thought highest of his seal carving. __

Still listening to “Awakening from the meaning crisis” lectures by John Vervaeke. Periodic reminder to use huffduffer to turn youtube videos into your own curated podcast. __

“Writing” was last year's theme. “Image” will be back in focus this year. So I'll be listening to Drawing as a Human Practice: an interview with D.B. Dowd. Already ordered his book as well. And this one and will revisit this one, too. Oh and: “Sequentials is a hub for scholarship conveyed through comics.“ __

Almost finished the Flow book. Know thyself – “Self knowledge is the process throug which one may organise conflicting options.” If you're going to have new years resolutions, steal from the best. Have a good one. __

#weeknotes 2021-01