Saxicola rubicola

— Putting things in their place, cleaning up and shutting down for a couple of days.

— Finally allowed myself the time and attention to design and print another bird for the series. After an initial design I tried out twelve small variations to arrive back at mostly what I had in the first place. More refinements during creation of the color separations. All part of the process. It's the European Stonechat.

This makes 30 birds, or 600 prints, done. Only 20/400 more to go.

— “my girlfriend talks in her sleep. i've noted them down for weeks, and turned her dreams into rupi kaur poems.

— Having fun with crappy black and white polaroid shots with T’s instax camera.

— Kaatayra's Miséria de Sabordia is a gigantic, beautiful, engrossing and touching beast of a song.

It's the season of the best-of lists for this year. is where I go most often.

— Next time will be next year! See you there.

#weeknotes 2020-52

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