Optimism is work

Working on my zines. A 21st century European Bauhaus? Snow fight!

Nick Sousanics maps out a selection of books as a reservoir from which to derive his own course contents. I did a similar thing last year as a way to take inventory of topics and inspirations for my own artistic production. It's become the main structure behind one of the zines I'm finishing up. More on that once those are done. _

I'm using a selection of blog posts I wrote on here over the last year. It's super interesting to see how those small pieces of writing connect with the visual work I produced. _

I wrote up a small piece about the concept of forma formans and forma formata. In dutch. The forming form and the formed form and how the first produces the latter. _

Those zines are put together with Scribus, like InDesign, but free and open source. It really works quite well. _

Last september, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced a new European Bauhaus. A new cultural project for Europe. Unesco has a Futures Literacy programme. Compare/contrast with we're all preppers now.

Optimism is work*. _

#weeknotes 2020-02

— A post by Roy Scholten