Music to work to

Instrumental: – Acid Pauli's Boiler Room set on youtube is mesmerizing. More long sets to be found on his soundcloud. – Horse by Daddylonglegs, a project by Howie B – Wormhole by Ed Rush and Optical is a dark drum and bass classic – As is Inside the Machine by Bad Company UK – The Klaus Schulze's Berlin School playlist on Spotify has all the long spacy tracks. – Brian Eno's NeroliParallel by Four Tet

With vocals (this is the extreme metal section): – Ritualistic: The Thule Grimoires, Exuvia and Blood Vaults by The Ruins of Beverast – Two hours in a winter forest: Im Wald by Paysage d'Hiver I almost always make it to the end of these in one go: – Grievous by ConvulsingEternity of Shaog by Esoctrilihum

Roy Scholten