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Illuminiation, collage, css pseudo-classes

Using this preliminary reading list on Medieval illumination, I scoured the online inventories of second hand book stores and had a few books sent my way. And so I've been reading up on the history of the book, codex, manuscript. It makes for fascinating reading and looking. Seeing the endless combinations of script, drawing and decoration unfold within the new format of the page (papyrus rolls were the standard in Antiquity) is a uniquely medieval innovation in the visual arts.

_ A first attempt at styling a decorated initial with CSS, based on the a.single.div approach by Lynn Fisher.

_ The Open Etching Press looks great.

_ Some of the short blurbs I write that go with my instagram posts want to be expanded upon as blog posts. Just like the items I write in these here week notes. So many threads, always more to weave.

_ Yes, that New York Times piece on collage is great. The presentation format reminded me of this essay, which I linked to before.

_ Collage is one of the topics I did not get to expand upon in the Bildung 1 zine. Collages can be funny, weird, disturbing, all of the above at the same time. It's definitely a way of image making that is dear to me. Funny: cats of brutalism.

_ Escobar – Designs for the Pluriverse Seminar.

_ #weeknotes 2021-05

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