Aythya ferina

Facilitated working through a complex site building question. A webcam pointing at some handdrawn diagrams was super useful in keeping the discussion on track.

I've been collecting links on Wardley Mapping for some time now, still need to dedicate time to figure out how/where this applies to the visualizing, mapping things I already do.

For example, modeling content. I wrote up how to build a content model in Obsidian.

Found out that the Common Pochard* had been missing from the collection all this time! Fixed that.

Preparations for an exhibition in the center of town together with Martijn. More on that soon.

Sounds: saw a tweet that asked for goose bump recommendations. Didn't reply there, but: – Blood on the Motorway by DJ Shadow – Ashtray Wasp by Burial – Encore from Tokyo by Keith Jarrett

#weeknotes 2020-48

— A post by Roy Scholten